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A new harvesting method and patent granted dry milling process to revolutionize the oil palm industry especially in Malaysia. About 600,000 oil palm farmers(smallholders) in Malaysia and about 2,400,000 oil palm farmers in Indonesia could benefit from this innovation.

Conventionally oil palm farmers produce Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) and sell them to the 50 year old technology wet palm oil mills. The FFB yield is only around 20 Ton/Ha. The palm oil mill extracts the oil, Crude Palm Oil (CPO) at around 20% extraction rate mechanically with the use of large amount of water and huge oil loses. These in turn exhaust natural water supplies and pollute river and waterways. The oil yield has only been around 4 ton CPO/Ha.

Now with a change of harvesting method and own dry milling processing, a farmer could get a plantation yield of 30 Ton/Ha ripe loose fruits and oil extraction rate of up to 60% yielding oil yield of 18 Ton/Ha CPO. This definitely could increase their monthly income up to tenthfold.

With this revolutionary measures not only the farmers increase their income, they contribute to sustainable farmings without polluting the environment.

Existing conventional wet milling mills can be modified to run patented dry milling process thus increasing OER with zero effluent discharge.

We are collaborating with MPOB Malaysian Palm Oil Board to implement this revolution in Malaysia and IOPRI Indonesian Oil Palm Reserach Institute for Indonesia.

How to

Palm Farmers Revolution

1. Palm farmers must harvest and process only fresh oil palm ripe loose fruits daily.

2. 40 Ha or 10 farmers own a mini dry mill in their plantation scheme. Lee Dry Mill Solution to sell the mini mill, licence its technology and 100% buy back of Red CPO and nut.

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